Orange juice, but a lot of noise (91.4 KB)

Increase the sampling is still not an effective solution,What is a good idea to solve?:spin:


Clamp. Start at 20 and see what happens with that. Othr render settings might be affecting it as well, but hard to tell, turning off caustics maybe? There is no cast shadow so the only caustic we might be seeing is in the glass itself? Perhaps perhaps… Try these things and do a small test bordered render…

Thanks for your reply!
:(I still did not find the key points, try to follow your tips, with little success

Yeah you get lots of noise sometimes when you use plane emitters and glossy materials. That’s been my experience. The clamp option usually fixes it. Put it at .1. That did it for me the last few times, but you may have to play with it. It would help if you’d say how many samples you used for that render. You never know what ppl’s idea of “a lot of samples” is. My final renders are usually at least 1000 samples and that’s if its an animation.

Try to add lightpath node like Andrew Price did.

That should reduce the noise

Ah, much better, thank you @BrentNewton

:smiley: looks fabulous! i 'll try

:smiley: looks fabulous! i 'll try

Yeah someone with an Pakistani accent did a great video on how to isolate the passes that cause noise, but I can’t find it now. It’s not the one above; much more complicated. It does a great job of getting rid of noise, but I can’t find it now. It was a bit over my head, so I use the clamp setting for now. Though keep in mind if you put that too high it will destroy your render.

One of us has this backwards or something… I say if you put the clamp too low your render loses any natural or physically accurate benefit from using cycles… that’s why I start at 20 and lower it. Starting at 0.1 if that is what it says above or even 1 results in a very flat render.

I notice in your new render the orange juice is clean but the checkered area has lost its life completely.

Oh, the second rendering, I removed the glossy materials

Here is the video from BrentNewton has told.

Trust me, Bartek, it’s a compliment to be called Pakistani-sounding! Think Nusrat F. A. Khan…!:smiley:

But kidding aside that’s a member of the Blender Foundation and CGcookie team called Bartek Skorupa. Almost certainly Polish. Amazingly expert with Blender.