Orange Juice

Glass of orange juice with HDR lighting

800 S/p, LuxRender 1.3 RC2, MLT path

can you share juice material parameters (Absorption, scattering, anisotropic, etc thiings)? I keep trying to get realistic milk and juice in my volumetric patch, and my result far from what i expect, going to make similar as your picture and compare.

Hi storm_st

I have .txt file with scattering scale tabulateddata as in bottom

wavelength: nm    data: scattering (1/m)
379        1211.94029851
380        1211.94029851
400        1144.02985075
450        950.74626865
500        794.02985075
550        642.53731343
600        532.83582090
650        449.25373135
700        386.56716418
720        376.11940299
721        376.11940299

And in materials file i used:

Texture "Orange Juice Scattering" "color" "tabulateddata"
    "string filename" [".................../Scene/00001/LuxRender - Scattering - Orange Juice.txt"]

MakeNamedVolume "Orange Juice" "homogeneous"
    "float fresnel" [1.332829952239990]
    "color g" [0.82393103 0.823034485 0.826620691]
    "color sigma_a" [8.52750270 29.88255002 114.62594729]
    "texture sigma_s" ["Orange Juice Scattering"]

MakeNamedMaterial "Orange Juice"
    "bool architectural" ["false"]
    "bool dispersion" ["false"]
    "string type" ["glass2"]

BTW, there is something weird going on with this material in LuxRender.
When you edit the scattering asymmetry g closer to 0 0 0, then material changes color to greenish / bluish.
I guess the tabulation file is blue, but appears yellow in my case.

Thanks a lot, I converted that data, but result far from what i expect, absorption looks good but particles scartttering color in my case very dim, i think the problem is not in volume handling but in refraction, and inner scattered light get wrong Fresnel weight as light go in opposite direction in bidir, need fix that before next try to get juice.