Orange Juice


I have just played around a little with sss, but still I can’t create a node that makes a good looking orange juice. Too much fireflies. Any suggestions on how to do it?

I thought of turning the light up really much and then make it darker in Gimp afterwards, but still not really good.

Here is an example:

May be you should try with volume absorption!!!

Right now I use sss + glass shader (transformed to correct IOR). Is that ok or should I remove the glass shader and just go for a “good feeling” with sss + volume absortion only? What do you think?

first correct the geo, check “how to properly model fluid in a glass for rendering with cycles” (by Greg Zaal @ adaptive samples)

Thank you :slight_smile: Have read through it and downloaded examples. Not the first thing to think of changing normals of the fluid.
Will try and change accordingly and we will see what happens.


Orange looks too dry.