Orange Kaleidoscoped Mushroom (update with green version)

I made this after finding out there was a comp for the new splash page for Blender 2.34.

size: 1024x768

It took me under two hours to make and a couple of minutes to render. Thanx to endi for figuring out Kaleidoscope Modelling.

Oh yeah, I used photoshop to play with the colours. :wink:

Update down there…

Ooooooh, funky. :wink:

Way cool!

Looks nice ! I like it :slight_smile: It will become soon my wallpaper :slight_smile:

However, I find the halos too simple. It makes the whole a bit “cheap”.

It certainly is a worthy piece of work to be a wallpaper.
Gr8 job, I love it!

The halos don’t appeal to me. But I love the mushroom :smiley:

Verrry attractive and nice colours too. I like it. :wink:

Nice and abstract, I love the colors :slight_smile:

Here’s another version, these are the original colours without changing them in photoshop.

looks really cool. looks liek there all trying to pull away from eachother… keep blending!