Orange material node .blend needed for documentation!

Hi. I’m writing documentation for the new material nodes, and I need a good .blend that uses a node-based material to take apart and put back together in a tutorial. I really don’t have the time to produce one of my own what with the laptop’s crappy ATI card and my desktop’s state of disassembly.

It needs to be not too simple or too complex, and the author needs to be willing to put the .blend into the public domain (after all, the whole point of a tutorial is to copy someone else’s work and learn from it).

Work-in-progress will be posted after ton begins committing his render recode, as I’m guessing the node system may change a little bit. At the moment I only have a reference page half-done.


I’m building this strawberry’s material with nodes, it’s not finished but it will be soon I guess. I’m just starting to learn how to use nodes but If you want it it’s yours.

Here’s a screenshot of the leafs network:

Another thing, the node program needs to have at least one texture in it, but still some in the materials to demonstrate the different and flexible ways to use material nodes (e.g. you can make the entire material with them, or you can just mix different materials).


That leaf one looks like it’ll work. I could probably rearrange it so one of the textures is inside a node (just for demostration of texture nodes).

I’ll private message you my email address. Just make sure to pack the leaf image!