orange pill bottle?

Im trying to create a material that can be used to make an orange pill bottle. They … kind of glow, when light shines near them. Cant describe it, but google pill bottle, and lots of them come up. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.
Thanks, :cool:

I think it can be achieve using a mix shader: glossy fac .6 + glass ior 1.3, both with orangish color.

But that’s exactly what you need to do… you need to describe it, to yourself, so that you can then describe it to the computer.

Start by describing what a pill-bottle looks like in a dark room. That’s the base color. Then, look at how the object shines. That’s the specularity. Now, go to a bright place or close illumination and describe that color (or colors as the case may be), as before.

Last thing to do is to consider how the color or the surface changes as the lighting varies. For example, since a pill bottle is translucent plastic, the angle of the light and the angle of the camera (relative to one another, more so than relative to the bottle) will change the light. Qualities other than simple color (“value”) can change. Consider the HSV (Hue Saturation Value) color-space.

You can build up a node network if necessary, and it’s possible to include in that just as many goodies as you want… but also stop at about this time and see what you can simplify. It’s possible to race headlong into the world of diminishing returns. How complicated does it actually need to be, to “sell the shot?” Is anything moving? Is the bottle going to show up in a number of different scenes? How pivotal is the bottle actually going to be in the picture as a whole?

Sometimes you can “beautify” an object without really changing the object itself. Maybe adding just a whisper of glow to it (or to the layer containing it). Kind of a CG equivalent of Alfred Hitchcock’s trick of putting a light-bulb in a glass of milk. Maybe by tweaking the color of whatever object (a bedside table? a morgue slab?) that it’s going to be sitting on top of or next to.

I quickly modelled a rough pill bottle shape and found that a glass actually works very nicely on its own.

This is what I had for my pin bottle (you may or may not want to add a solidify and edge split modifier).

Glass, diffuse FFA600 (hex) and 0.1 roughness, and 1.45 IOR. I didn’t feel the need to change it any more.

I also add a pill to it just to experiment and came up with these results -

Mix shader factor 0.2.

Top input diffuse with roughness 0 and a colour of whatever colour you want the pill to be (these are those long shiny pills btw).

Bottom input glossy with roughness 0.2 and a hex value of E7E7E7

Thanks for posting this, it was an interesting experiment.

BUT WHERE IS THE PILL BOTTLE COLOR BUTTON? Lol… Thanks guys, I played with a few things and got descent results, although, in the render as a whole, it doesn seem perfect to me, but will suit the needs of the image.
Here is the final result. Sorry I didnt respond to the thread sooner, I thought I was subscribed to it, but was not. ugh.

The pill bottle included in the final scene. Im not extremely happy with the material, but I think it is because of the lighting situation. Also… im not a morbid person, it is for the contest… lol…

There is definitely a lot to be said for meeting deadlines. up