Orange Presenting: The actors of Elephants Dream!

Studio Orange Begins work on Elephants Dream

The Studio Orange core team have assembled together in Amsterdam and
have now begun the pre-production phase of their open CG short film
project: Elephants Dream. Initial concepts and sketches have been released on
the Orange website: The website has been
updated with galleries and a blog where snippets about the movie,
concepts and shots, technical tests and info, and general ramblings
from the team will be posted.

For the next six weeks, the team will be working on concept design,
scripting, storyboards, technical research and development, in order
to present a teaser trailer at the 2005 Blender Conference in
Amsterdam. From then on, production will begin in earnest and
continue until the deadline next year.

The movie will be created with open source software, and will be
released as open content under a Creative Commons license. To help
make the project a continued success, you can pre-order the extended
edition DVD, with the movie, making-of documentary and all production
files included on the disc as open content.

Studio Orange
Amsterdam, Netherlands

ah, finally a hint of a theme/plot/something. anything more specific? :stuck_out_tongue:

Could someone be so kind as to point out who’s who?

Is @ndy B? maybe? I have no Idea.

And which one is Ton? I’m thinking A, but I still am not sure. Maybe D? Help!

B Lee
C Andy

Ton isnt on the picture

A. Tony
B. Lee
C. Me
D. Basse
E. Bassam
F. Matt

behind cam. Ton

iirc Ton took the picture :slight_smile:


And Ton =

Cool, a typewriter! Who had to forge their visa?


Thanks for the help :smiley: That’s all strighted out now. I presume you guys will be doing the voice acting as well?

Anyway, looks great so far. I don’t know about other blenderheads here, but the source file will be the first thing I download. :slight_smile:

Expect a myriad of parodies. The star wars fan films will be nothing compared to what I forsee…

The guy that looks like Bruce Willis is Ton…

(he’s sooooooo hoooot) :stuck_out_tongue:

This is very good news. For some reason I thought you guys had already started. But I guess you were getting Blender ready for the production stage.

Also, 6 months for the production stage + 3 months render time means we won’t be seeing it until next Summer or so. I see that there is a plan for a teaser on Oct 15. Will that be low poly shots or a sort of trailer showing the kind of quality that will be in the final version?

BTW, are they making you work with that orange theme on Blender? It looks painful on the eyes.

Also, what open source tools are you planning on using for the compositing? Maybe Jahshaka or just the sequencer?

And are you using Blender internal, yafray or another renderer?

Anyway, I wish you guys all the best in making the animation. It looks like it’ll be a great experience for all of you and you have an excellent team - I think Robertt might have complimented it quite a bit though.

Try not to do too much window shopping while you’re there ;).

Hey, no fanboy posts :P.

PS I knew I’d heard the name Machina before:

I know this will be a very good , in-your-face-you-big-studios, production.

The only thing that is worrying me is that the theme loooks dark. The last pessimistic style CG film I know of is Final Fantasy:the Spirits within.
I like that movie for the technical aspect of it, but that is just us 3D geeks. The general audience could read Machina the wrong way…
But hey, KUDOS and I’m awaiting Machina with great anticipation.

The phrase is the latin “deus ex machina” which means “god from the machine”.

It isn’t from the videogame, its from classical times.

Very interesting read.

I saw this at the main site.
for some reason i thought i read you would allow online contributions. did i misread that?
anyhow either way still really cool the orange team actually inspired me to start my own production at my university. on maya, but the files will be given to the school. and hopefully i wont have to compete with you guys at any film festivals.
thanks everyone for the cool app. and the inspiration for my own projects.
cant wait to see the final product. actually I cant wait to see the progression of the film.

deus ex machina-hmm interesting “the more you know”

I once read Deus ex machina meant “Divine Intervension”, but knew machina meant machine. Reading the wikipedia, it makes more sense now.

Awesome, I like the subject and I’m already thinking about how the movie would look like. Imagine a nice lenght animation movie in blender made by some of the coolest blenderheads. :stuck_out_tongue:

I which the Orange team good luck with the project, I’m looking forwards to the BConf’05 trailer, hehehe I can’t wait.

Basic premise reminds me of the Harlan Ellison short story “I have no mouth and I must scream.” It’s a little dated, but it still has it’s still kind of chilling.

I believe it’s 6 months including the rendering time

From website:

Feb 10: Milestone E: final renders
March 1: Milestone F: DVD master

do all you guys share a dorm room, any hot college chicks there, does basse hog the bathroom for his “man sculpting” (man sculpting- shaving, and prettying up), haha

just kidding

the drawings look great, but the idea to me is a little fuzzy. but iam sure that its going to rock! good luck to guys. you have more then enough artistic talent their to pull off an amazing peice of art.