Orange Room

Hey Guys, I thought I’d post my first interior render here!
Done Blender + Yaf(a)ray.

I hope the image is not too wide :eek:

If someone has trouble getting Yaf(a)ray to work with Blender please PM me because I ran into a lot of trouble myself and I’d love to help :yes:

Very nice! I especially like how the light on the wall gives of a glowing effect. Nice textures to. All in all, very good! :yes:

P.S The rounded top on the door seems odd to me, but it’s your render!

Thanks Joe!,

I see what you mean with the door, I thought it would be more creative this way! :smiley: I see squared top doors every day :wink:

Put things on the selves, for bringing life to this room. The ambiance is top

very nice render, looks a bit retro (80’s) style… very nice ambient light… did you have problems with black dots in yafaray? If so how did you get rid of them?