Orange Stairs

Just a small render I made, thought you guys might like to tell me what you think.

lol where is the picture. :wink:

yeah…where is it? :wink:

There’s no picture. And you can edit your thread title by double-clicking on it.

You guys can’t see it? Hmm… I’ll try uploading it some where else.

No, that’s not the problem, there’s no link in your post, and when I press quote, there is no IMG code either. You just didn’t include it in your post.

I can see it just fine.

I can see it

Ah, now it works, I didn’t bother before on commenting how there was no image. Great scene, make the sky a more subtle blue and maybe add something to that absolutely black shadow to the left. Otherwise, I like its painted feeling, just the composition sorta ruined it for me ( the absolute black corner :frowning: )

I was thinking about cropping it in 2 inches from the left. Thanks for the feedback.

The blue and white part of the top destroys the image, the stairs are neat though.

Is the blue and white part in the upper left the sky? If it is, the blue needs to be brighter.

If it’s a wall (which it seems to me) I think it’s really nice and gives the picture a Mirror’s Edge:y kind of look.

But if that wasn’t the style you wanted it to be, then you’ll have to change it.

That was exactly what I was going for, I love the art in Mirrors Edge and I was trying to reproduce it on a small scale.

i have a very strange feeling that ive seen this scene before, for some reason i feel like ive seen a scene like this in the blender gallery

I would loose the sky & have it black lso.
like the stairs are in an abyss, leading to…imagination.
often what is left to the imagination can make an image more exciting.
great job, love the textures.

there is a scene that’s similar only in the common aspect of it contains a curved stairwell.
this image is entirely different both in modeling & style.

Yeah I don’t think I have seen any thing like this in the Gallery. Also I really like the Idea of making the sky looking thing black.

I’d make the border between the wall and the sky a little softer too, to match some of the edges in the rest of the picture, right now it almost looks aliased and if you look closely there’s a small amount of deep blue leaking under the edge of the new black area.