Orange to the rescue!

I found this awesome concept by
So i tired to reproduce it in Blender. I used hard surface modeling for the base mesh and added some details in zBrush. After modeling, I used Substance Painter to get the textures right.

Rendered in Blender Cycles. Maybe I give the new prerelease of Blender 2.8 a chance and do an animation with its new EEVEE render engine.

Keep on keeping on!


Screengrab from viewport:

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Wow. I like the last one best.

Those last 2 renders are awesome! You did an excellent job bringing the concept to life.

Really well done! I love these monster-looking thing.

Hey everybody,

thanks a lot for the kind words. I’m really happy I could transfer the concept from 2d to 3d.

Great concept and you did it justice! Awesome work!

The motion blur is insane and i really like the lighting and the colormanagament of your scene !

Wow!!! this is just all kinds of cool… so suggestive of the old PBY planes… and some kind of WWI Folker Design … LOL!

Nice work… Super Kudos!

Oops! didn’t read through your description quite right…
yah… Andre Mealha has some great designs…

but still… good effort on your part for modelling it into blender…

here is some good reference matterial for future modifycations you that you might be further inspired by…


Great love it! Love the plane man!

lovely, new desktop image set :slight_smile:

My fav shot is the 2nd one. Feels more natural! Amazing work!

Beautiful, good job!

Pretty good but I find the original concept to have better colors (more vibrant and warm) and more detail on the cockpit. In fact it shows the separation of metallic parts better overall.
And I find the view angle better too (still on the original). More turned towards profile view, feels more satisfying for a fast moving object (plus in your case it would hide the deception of your flat water splashes).

Amazing work

poster material quality to be framed

Stuff had to be behind the windows

Well he tricked me with those splashing water planes. It really doesnt look flat to me. I was going to ask how he did that, then noticed the screengrab with the planes in it.

I find this 3d concept very well done as he has made in 3d of just 1 2d concept sketch. Ever tried to model a 3d object by using a single image?

I love thet fish eye render, most of the time they look weird. But somehow it adds something to this render.

You did really great job man!!! STUNNING :slight_smile:

fully agree with the fisheye - without it it might even look boring

the fishery and water line really helps with the drama and dynamic of the scene