orange wishlist

for those who did not see it yet:

some great wishes are among the list. :wink:


eggh, to much gettiung jammed in without good documentation and gui design to find it and use it.

I cant find half of the stuff when it is mixed into cvs, I love it all but blendedr neeeeds a smarter gui to use this stuff. I still see the old armatures method, and yet there is a way to radically change the work flow but it is so mixxed up in new buttons and mush.

dont they reorganise the gui ect for the finale 2.4 release?


of course they do!
and the docu is being added as new features drop into cvs!


“Ctrl-click extrudes faces and edges Done!”

Yeah. :wink:

I´ve requested this before and maybe I´m getting boring about it… But I really want the “center bevel tool” to replace the regular “bevel tool”.

I think this tool has been way to underrated.

yeah but if it’s anythng like tuhopuus redesign Everyone is in for a world of hurt again, I dont want to be harsh to the desiger coder but that design is just another movement of all of the buttons.

Why cant we get a build your own like silo3d has ? It makes perfect sense to give total power of gui design to designers instead of coders. Well sorta, and it gives the option of “use it if you want or just avoid it”

As for tutorials a system could be made to handel that as well…

The Tuhopuu UI is the new UI. And the rearranging of buttons has a purpose - to make things more logical.

I’m going to step in here, so be ready for a nice long ride…
(Lock it now, he is talking again!)

The (new) design of the gui is done by a designer and not a coder.
It’s more than a rearranging.

Why cant we get a build your own like silo3d has

And if you realy want to know then download the code and take a good look at it. (or read some of the 1.000.000 articles on this site about the gui)
I debate that creating your own gui is any good. It’s for people with to much time on their hands, plus they can’t get any advice any more because the damn button is no longer where it should be according to the manual/tutorial/friendly elysiun guy.

And the rearranging of buttons has a purpose - to make things more logical.

Logical smogical!
It’s suppost to make the learning curve less steap (waiste of time and flow costing for the pro in my opinion, but then again, I’m not a Graphical interface designer).
Which is nobel. But creates the illusion that anyone can animate.

I do plan on making an entry for next suzanne awards, so I’m going to torture the software (and Ton) to it’s limits (or mine, which ever breaks first).

[qoute]dont they reorganise the gui ect for the finale 2.4 release?[/quote]
Well they are in debate, one of them did all the redesign, other does not wants his design touched because it’s the bestest, and the third does not want to make training dvd’s unless it’s with an interface that will still be there after the dvd’s are in the shop. Go figure.

What amazes me is that the list is twice as long as the game kit list and 20 people could not create any feature on that gamekit list within 6 months even knowing the company’s future depended on it. And this list is getting chewed away in not even 3 months…

Hehe, you mean the Blender GameKit? :stuck_out_tongue:

Always the smooth talker %|

You know what I want from a good UI? No mather what it look like, I want to have acces to the good options at the good time at the same place. I don’t want to loose time working my way around too much panel to tweak 2 options part of the same feature.

I just took a look at the Tohoppu UI, and I don’t see any problems with it. Sure it’s different, but it made plenty of sense to me. I think after people blend for a while with it, they won’t have any problems. My 2 cents.:smiley:


Yeah yeah it looks nice, but great again another change to an already changed gui layout. It might be smarter but it will still mess with everyones heads for a while. And even then it is mushed together.

Just going in circles :smiley:

Yeah, I’d also like to express my support for the Tuhopuu UI.

It took me about two hours to get used to where everything is, and from there on in, it wasn’t an issue.

Also, I’m crossing my fingers that Broken’s customisable toolbar gets into 2.4, as that will solve almost all of the problems related to mapping your own shorcuts.

Two more fingers crossed here :slight_smile: That’s the main reason I’ve continued to use Tuhopuu…

i whish also a toolbar will make it into blender!

i am not so sure if i like the new buttons in tuhopuu, but i
guess there will be ways to edit customice that anyway.

but the icons for lights etc. and the rest are great.

If you saw Tons keynote, then you’ll note that the event refactor is planned which will allow custom keybindings. It will probably happen once lukep gets free time and i expect/hope it will be ready for 2.41 (or whatever the release that comes 3 months after 2.4 is…).

For the DVDs - if a script recorder similar to that of ZBrushes can be done then the DVD video could be automatically rerecorded. I think that Cambos script that does the custom event buttons in the UI could be adapted to this. (What additional core support would be needed is a way to query the location of a button in the interface).

I had some thoughts that I emailed to guitargeek (regarding his button display script) that the recording of button events could be accompanied by a automatic screenshot for each button event and the whole thing could be output as a wiki page. Then you just cut out the unwanted images and add annotations where needed. (Had a cool idea for using the sequencer for this …)



Blur that mimics the BOKEH DOF effect

yes please… though isn’t BOKEH just a general term that describes “blurryness” not DOF per se?

yes. together with zbuffer input for blur factor it should look better than simple gaussian blur. (for lens type effects that is)

i like the new GUI because its Orange…or at least the tohopuu version i have is…

thats my 3 cents !