Orangutang - Cute and Cuddly

Hope you’ll like him

I really want to make a short with this little fellow, but I am clueless in what the story should be about. So please if you got an Idea, let me know.

Now look how happy he can be.


looks more like ha has stolen a banana or something :slight_smile: but he’s happy either way.:slight_smile:

I really like the expression on his face in your FIRST post. :slight_smile:
It has such a “nice” relaxing look and a mild mannered nature over it.
Not many people are capable of making such nice details in their work
it usually tend to be very mechanical and technical, but yours may
not be technically sophisticated - but it certainly has charm and warmth
in them - and that is the most important aspect of character modeling imho.

I like it :slight_smile:

Thank you JoOngle, yeah the first one(s) are made to be natural and the last smile here is a so called fake smile when he’ll bring up when has done something wrong or made a mess of something:)

Glad you liked him.

nice :slight_smile:

he looks way too funky to cuddle.

thanks Job and knellotron
here’s a new pic…