heh, I found this while packing up files for my trip back home from Orange tear and thought i’d share it. I did this about september last year I think one afternoon.


Hope you like it =)


Wow, another great work from one of my idols! :wink: I love your work man, I am glad to see we still have superb talent around! :smiley:

Lighting and everything is well done.

Though not one of your most exciting works.


Though this image does surely have great qualities, I’m a little distracted by the strange-looking perspective and the texture on the wall.

Not saying this to break your balls, but I think you rock waaay more with actual characters (concept, modeling AND the final execution).


I’ll reiterate the work is excellent but I do feel that one of your amazing characters could be added. Just to appease the many fans. lol.



Yeah I didnt find it too exciting but was kinda fun study with some different things, I think I was playing with multiuple materials on one object to start with, then I added some softbody cloth for fun on a table for the orb thing, then I thought “whoa lets add a white wall and only wood texture on my HD at point in time” =D

Sago: Very true, I should start posting more scenes here (as I have been with couple of test things during orange) I had done 2 years only character modelling/animation/film stuff study, so makes sense to catch up in other areas, these are my plans from here.


man, I thought we had all had this discussion about people posting thier textured spheres in finnished works… oh, no wait I guess its ok…

nice sphere!!!

Yet another good piece comes from LohnC…

At first I didn’t really like the big blank wall talking up so much space, but after looking at it for a moment you realize that it’s got a bump map and detail and that it looks…good! :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting. :slight_smile:

Great image, everything is awesome, but the cloth looks too perfect. Maybe it could be off-center a little, and not as stiff. And the camera could be tilted down a little more, just so there isn’t so much of that blank background.

But, scince you made this in september I guess you probably won’t be fixing anything.

I almost cried when I saw the title name. But it turned out being actually very nice, good work! :smiley:

you know… technically… that is a reflective sphere. But an interesting one at that. :wink:

That’s a reflective oval, GET IT RIGHT :<