Orbit & Zoom

Someone had asked in a thread I read awhile back for someone to update Orbit&Zoom to 2.5. I don’t remember who this was, but, anyway, I took the script and updated it, taking out all the old deprecated code, also I combined the rotateV and rotateH scripts into one script, rotateVH.py, so it’s easier to work with.

In the future I’ll probably combine them totally (def rotateVertical and def rotateHorizontal), I’ve added some other rather simple stuff to it to try and get rid of some buggy things I did find. Other things remain, and some things I can’t fully test (like the zooming function) because I don’t have a mouse with a working scroll wheel.

Things I am working on adding to it (well, if I don’t scrap working with this one and decide to make a totally new one).

  • Button to press to activate and up down left right arrow keys to change camera focus from target to target (just reassigning the parents really).

  • Switching in and out of several other different camera modes.

  • And a basic following script for the other “heroes” in party

I figure that this would be pretty good for any ff12 style rpg or even zelda type action adventure games and possibly would work well with a space type RTS’s .

Anyway, here’s the script and what do you all think?


Orbit&Zoom2.5.2.blend (56.8 KB)

Thanks for share!!