Orbital Restaurant

The dining area of the future! Where we sort out artificial gravity and the cruise ships are in space! Or something like that. This was built from a random idea I had one day:

Plants are from the Blender greenhouse, earth texture is from NASA iirc, i have it laying around from a past piece. The rest is my own stuff (EDIT: except the wall paintings, which are of course by Monet). Hardwood flooring is 100% procedural! Rendered in LuxRender, post-pro was a mix of Blender and Photoshop. Here’s the comp node setup (noise-cleanup in PS happened after this):

The Axiom before it was The Axiom :slight_smile:

A really cool concept, great work on the textures and lighting. Nice job!

I love the concept! :smiley:

Ho my !!! That’s very good. I Really like the mix of contemporary and futuristic styles.