Orbiting gets locked along one axis.


The orbit seems to get locked on one axis under the following conditions…

When the orbit style is set to ‘Turntable’ in the user preferences.
A camera is rotated 90 degrees in either direction along the y axis,
Then the camera is looked through using the zero key.

To snap out of it and orbit normally, either rotate the camera back, have another camera set that isn’t rotated that you select as the new active camera, and then look through that. Or switch to ‘trackball’ orbit style.

My question is - is this a bug?

If it isn’t perhaps it should be changed so that the viewport camera doesn’t get locked to an axis on turntable style.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Thanks! :smiley:

has this stumped everyone?

if so I think i should probably log it in as a bug. Unless that is my descriptive powers have completely failed me and everyone else.