Orbiting View Issue.

Hello, I am new to Blender (I learned the basics of 3d modeling years ago on Wings3d and have practiced what I had learned since on that same program). In getting started with Learning Blender’s interface I have watched some videos from various sources.

There is one part i am constantly getting hung up on, though. And that is; that when I go to click/click-hold the middle mouse button, and drag my cursor in order to orbit the view…nothing happens. I play a few MMO’s so I know my wheel is working correctly. This leads me to believe I may not have something set up right in the user preferences. I hope some one can help me with this, using those numpad keys all the time just does not feel the same.

[edit posted below with additional information I realized may be needed]

I am using a desktop pc, running windows xp service pack 2, and my mouse is a ‘Microsoft: Comfort Optical Mouse 3000’…this mouse has a red forth button on the side, in addition to the two mouse buttons and lockable wheel…I do not know what this red mouse button does. I have tried clicking it under some different circumstances and it does not seem to really do anything (either it’s function is very specific, or it ends the world and I just don’t have the right launch codes to go with it).

[additional edit/note: I just tried another mouse and still nothing doing with the wheel/orbit deal.]


Turns out the other mouse I tried had a broken scroll wheel (neither worked on my laptop as external mouses either)…isn’t that great. but that was due to just being old and worn. As for my new mouse with its issues…

What I found out with a little more research is that the ‘Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 3000’ is notorious for having issues with its wheel. And especially the click option on the wheel. Taking several rapid clicks to register a single click, or simply not working at all. This mouse is true to it’s name and is comfortable. It looks good as well and being corded cuts out needing to replace batteries of course. The price also makes it a tempting buy. However, not being able to use that middle mouse wheel correctly from the start…sigh.

But I did find out I can use the mouse software as a go around…that little red, side-set, forth button. It is a magnifier and I simply set it to work as the click for wheel. I am told though this is only a temporary solution and that button may give out sooner rather then later, as well.

So I need a new cursor…And I need to dis-recommend the one I have to any in the market for a new mouse.

Thanks for the time spent viewing and I can see why there were no replies, lol.