Orbs in the grass

Thanks to Petrichor for the “Orbs” name, wasn’t quite sure what to call them. During this project I figured out how to add depth of field to my renders and used the Cloud Generator script (Included in all the latest Blender 2.5 builds) for the clouds. It was all done in Blender 2.5 r28673. Tell me how you like it!


Really nice. Just one thing, maybe the specularity on the … orbs (?) could have been maybe a bit softer? I don’t know for sure, need someone more experienced to comment on that, so don’t worry too much. Also, I like the grass though personally I feel it could have been more - uhm - vibrant; yes that’s the word for it.


ramp shading, dof, clouds, particles, diffraction, does look pretty sweet, although i say that the spec should be harder, or sharper.

I agree with Petrichor that the grass is a bit… Dull, would be the best word. It doesn’t stand out as a green color for grass, most grass I see is a bit brighter. But a great job! I really like it, my only real complaint is that the middle of the sky looks empty. I’m taking this from a photographers point of view, but usually the composition tries to keep the viewers eye “in the frame”, and the big empty in the middle lets the eye wander out a little.

Once again, wonderful job!

Thanks for the crits and compliments, I have to admit I agree with pretty much all you said…

I haven’t tried the Cloud Generator script, but if that’s the default settings, it doesn’t mirror real clouds very well – they tend to have a nearly flat, or even concave base due to rising air! Might be worth considering next time you’re using the cloud generator, but as a test, this looks pretty good. :slight_smile:

A little dull, but otherwise, its great. I like your idea of using ramp shading on the balls.

The cloud generator doesn’t just create a round cloud like that, Instead it takes a base mesh and converts it into a cloud, I chose to have the clouds look like that, although you are right, they might have looked a little more realistic, something to consider for next time.

btw : Petrichor, I like your ideas of “orbs” should have thought of that!

Heh, heh. You’re welcome.