Orc - first high-poly scene ever

(Bentagon) #1

I made this a couple of days ago. It’s my very first high-poly scene (and there’s a chance it’s gonna be my last) so don’t be too harsh!!

Orc scene


PS: Do some of you maybe know where I can find those scripts I mention at the page (to make grass and to make trees)??

(BgDM) #2

OK, it’s not all that bad, but you need to play with the material settings a lot. Everything seems to be too shiny and plastic looking. Did you apply any textures to this at all? It seems that there is only standard materisl in the scene.

Anyway, keep at it. It takes practice and more practice to get things looking correct. Don’t stop trying to make high poly stuff, you just need to force yourself to keep on trying.


PS: As far as the scripts go, do a search in the python forum. They are in there somewhere.

(S68) #3

Good start!

Model is massive, with strange proportions, but, hey! It is an orc…

Materials in general are to be worked as BgDM says, and also the axe model is weird. Helmet is infinitely thin, while it should have a thicknes.

Keep it up


(blengine) #4

im loving those arms and that axe! the hands need to be sized up though…and hes seems very muscualr but his chest has no definition…but seeing as its your first high poly scene, its amazing!
-axe blade has artifacts on the edges
-blood seems to be purple :wink:
-belt resembles an intertube
-the face needs some reworking, but faces are hard i know

its looking really good though, if this is your first attempt at high poly, your gonna be great at it in the future

(Bentagon) #5

thanks, and indeed, I only used default materials and textures (except for the sky). But as you might have read, it was only a tutorial that came out to be a little experiment for me: first time I used subsurf, first landscape, first high-poly scene, etc. but I’m probably gonna stick to low-poly. I’m trying to make a game, y’see, as you might have read in one of my previous posts, and I want to give that my full attention.
Ofcourse there’ll be times I want to take a little break, and that’s when I’ll probably give it another try…
Oh yeah, the reason the model doesn’t look thát good (especially the belt) and the blood doesn’t have a great color, is that I had a limited time (parents :stuck_out_tongue: ), and added that blood about 10 minutes before I stopped working on it, and made some little mistakes with it in the beginning…
thanks again for the compliments and criticism,

(Krabat) #6

well, imho the difference between modelling low poly and high isn’t that great if you’re using sub-surfs. i guess your scene looks quite good if you have Sub-surfs switched off (well, maybe except for th textures :wink: ) .
for example, the belt of the orc. you want it horizontally real smooth, but it schould have edges on the top and bottum. just take a circle of max. 8 vertices, extrude it, and scale the new vertices down a bit. select all und extrude the ring upwoards, you have a simpel low poly belt. now (difficult to describe this will be) extrude the upper rim of the belt (the upper outer circe and the upper inner circle) just a little bit, do the same with the lower rim and switch an sub-surfs. you’ll have a perfectly smoothe belt with nice sharp edges. And believe me, keeping polys low while modelling saves a whole lot of time and trouble.

Keep it up


(Krabat) #7

and besides, your low poly models on your website look really great!


P.S.: yeah, spammer, i know g

(Andy Goralczyk) #8

that’s a good start, keep tweaking it. add some more detail, textures, improve the lighting and it’s gonna rock…