Orc soldier

I started working on a new game character. It’s going to be some sort of Ogre/Orc standard soldier.

I’ve tried to make a concept sketch for him for several days now but I finally realized that I can’t draw to save my life so I gave up on the concept and started working on him anyway.

Made a quick basemesh in Blender which I exported to Sculptris to sculpt the final shape. I am about an hour and a half into the sculpting so far.

I have only sculpted the upper body so far and a little bit on the legs, I haven’t started on the arms and he currently have no face or hands but putting that aside, is the anatomy ok so far?

Still need to make the arms bigger and give him a face.

I have some great anatomical references to look at while sculpting but I have just started learning anatomy :confused:

More updates to come soon.

EDIT: Do a male without genitals need a nudity warning?

EDIT2: Worked more on the arms and tried to give him hands. Lets just say that Sculptris isn’t the best program for adding new geometry D; Also tried to sculpt the leg muscles but no matter how much I tried I only got him to look obese :< Oh yeah and I felt sorry for him and added some indication of a crotch for him xD

EDIT3: Reworked almost the whole body to give him more of an Orc body-type. Also decided to make him an orc instead of an ogre.

Some updates, I wasn’t able to work for about 2 days because of various reasons but now I’m back working on him again.

I wasn’t happy about his hands (and a couple of other things) so I exported him back to Blender where I did some retopo of the body shape and modeled a pair of hands, made his legs longer and tweaked the shape a little.

Then I exported the basemesh back to the new Sculptris beta (which is completely AWESOME!) and got this from about an hour of sculpting. I tried sculpting him without the use of references this time to see if I remembered the anatomy correctly.

The legs still look obese, I’m trying to fix this but I don’t seem to be able to produce some normal looking legs. Tell me what you think, do the hands look too small?

he looks fat because his legs are short make the legs taller that should do the trick

Hmm, I haven’t really considered that possibility but it may actually be why he looks so fat. Thanks billymuncher2 :slight_smile: