Orc study

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So so soooo hot. Awesome work.

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Some tattoos do bump. I have a few myself. It comes from the needle being dug to deep creating a scar. With Orcs being the way that they are it seems more likely that this would be more likely to occure if not be done intentionally.

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I see. Maybe the bump was fine then. Actually it was the skin’s microstructure that was inaccurate and too large in scale, making the whole thing look wrong. But the latest version has a much better one.

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When are you posting this in #artwork:finished-projects ? This is top row material.

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It took me longer to update the project.
I did some more studies and as soon as possible I will do more updates.
thank you all for the suggestions and comments.

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In someone else’s reply they mention the new hair shader in Blender 2.8 alpha. If you’re like me and really don’t want to do a lot of serious work with 2.8 until the official version is released then there is a 2.79 solution for beautifully rendered hair in cycles that is photo realistic. Look up Custom Hair Shader in Blender -overview on YouTube. This member has created an amazing hair shader with an instructional video on how to use it. The shader is also a free download. Keep up the great work.

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Amazing! I hope I can do as good soon.

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The tips are always welcome, slowly adjusting.
Thank you all.

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some more studies.

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Ola Kleber,

Parabens pelo trabalho estou muito orgulhoso de ver a sua evolucao ao longo dos anos e mostrando o seu potencial. Fico muito feliz em ter trabalhado com voce na Ortiz e ver agora os seus trabalhos. Sei que e um cara comprometido e dedicado.
Vamos manter o contato, acho que podemos fazer muitos trabalhos juntos.

email: [email protected]
portifolio: xcarlossilva.blogspot.com

Abracos… :slight_smile:

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This is awesome and getting even better with every update.

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How Amazing It looks great, like World of warcraft characters, very realistic, I love sculpt hard surfaces and lighting. Good job!

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Very nice renders! I think that scar should be less bumpy in this one. :slight_smile:

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I know you’ve spent an almost unreasonable amount of time on this project and I apologize for not having brought this up from the begining but that metallic shoulder protection is looking strangely clean and sharp for a complex metallic piece made in medieval fantasy times. In middle age metal was only forged with a hammer as far as I know. If I’m missing a forging technique that would allow to make such a piece and you actually made this from reference, could you show it to me?