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heya!! this is the first pic I decided to post, in fact its also my first post. But I’ve been a long time lurker. This pic could still use some work but I got bored with it so I guess its finished. Maybe some day I will work on it again.


I made the base of the head in Wings and then exported it to blender to finish it and add the texture. If you would like to see the model while it was in wings here is a link to a couple of pics. The first pic is just after I started the head, and the second pic is just before I exported it to blender. Once I exported it I added detail and made the armor.

anyway, here is the link to the other pics


thats a great looking model! needs texturing to really bring it out though… that head is realy really good

Nice model!

It’s got great character, and the textures are good too. I really want to try something in Wings, but I still have to get it running.

To use wings you also need Erlang…That may be your problem…I think…(I hope it was wings that required Erlang and I’m not giving out bad advice)… Nice Orc though…I find wings better at modeling occasionaly…Blender for everything except maybe a model from wings…

:smiley: nice model hahaha without texturing he looks like he was the orc that discovered botox :slight_smile: and the armour is great niagain nice work


Nice to see your Model-Phases. I never get a good looking face ;-( Where did you start modeling?? Is it good to start at the eye?? or a the nose??


hey guys glad you like it!!! well to answer your question Zweistein I started the model with a cube. Its a method called box modeling, here is a link to a tutorial on box modeling that I found.


Its not exactly the way I make my heads because I make the nose before the eyes. Buts its very similar. And the most important thing to a good head is correct anotomy.

Nice head. I like the character design.


Great model.
I don’t like the ‘corners’ on top of his head. Maybe make the nose ring a bit smaller.
And of course make some good textures and lighting.

Good work, now go make it perfect :wink:

  1. pofo

nice model!! 8) I just dont like the things above the eyes. They look
not very natural imho.

Keep on blending (and wingsing)

cya henrik

You mean his eyebrow area? I made it larger than normal so it would give him a primitive neanderthal kind of a look. Low intelligence and brute strength.

That is good, but I too think it looks a bit blocky. Try smoothing it in with the forehead a bit more naturally.

  1. pofo

hey thanks for the crit pofo. I think I will change that, and perhaps add a better texture. Thanks a bunch!!

ok, I hate to bring back a dead thread, but I worked some more on my orc and made some better textures. I handpainted the face and some wrinkles.

Here is the new image


You can’t really see all the wrinkles in this image so I may add a link to a larger image later.

Also I started on the body, but its far from showable. As I model it I am taking screenshots so others can see the process of modeling. When its done I will post it as a gif or something.

Cya later!!