Orc Village (Low Poly Style)

Orc Village in a Low Poly Style.


Frikken BEAUTIFUL! The environment is specially lovely.

Thank you :wink:

Awesome! The low poly style looks great on this :smiley:

I love this! Excellent mood and modelling :smiley:

Thank you, guys! Appreciate :slight_smile:

Love the scene, the only critique I can give is that for me personally, it is too bright.

Could be! I mostly used very light/bright colors (the whole desert + rocks + grass + tusks) and really strong/dark colors for wooden elements and trees/dead grass. Thanks for the comment!

Very atmospheric work! GJ!

Thanks man :slight_smile:

Like it so much!

Thank you, smili :slight_smile:

I love the low-poly style images that have been coming out lately. Yours is one of the reasons why :slight_smile:

Good to hear that, man. :slight_smile: Appreciate.