orc warlord

(Andy Goralczyk) #1

hi blenderheads
last night i couldn’t sleep so i did some blending.
i worked on this image from 11 PM to 6 AM [with some breaks] :wink:


i can’t figure out the story behind this character, his thoughts and his past, maybe i’m too tired :-?

i’d like to hear your comments.

i improved the skin using more bumpmaps and UV textures… gah! that was alotta work…


(H-C) #2

i love the Textures i love the modelling of the Ork, thats just right the Facial expressions, Perhaps could look a bit more Evil with the Grin. but other then that Great Work!!!

(Goofster) #3

wow, pretty sweet. the armor is perfect, but the texture on the face could use some work. it looks a bit too preocedural at the moment

(Haunted-House) #4

Great job! I agree, the face texture looks too tiled.

(blengine) #5

thats a great pic! did u use the glow plugin? :o
the armor looks perfect…the head modeling is great, but needs new or tweaked texture =\

(BMD) #6

how’d you do the blur?

Great Job!

(LohnS) #7

w00t flat flat!

looks great =D

(pofo) #8

Great! Me likes alot :smiley:

Gotta love those uneven teeth. They look like he brushes them regularly though, maybe give them an uneven yellow-white color and add some bits of old food between them :wink:
I think the earring looks too thin when compared with the chain (I personally think it would look cool with a ring in the side of his nose and a chain between that and his earring, but that’s just me)
Perhaps the ears are a little low on the head, but I couldn’t really say since I’ve only seen a real orc once and that was at a distance as he was entering a bus.

  1. pofo

(Andy Goralczyk) #9

UPDATES!!! [same url]

  • better skin [UV textures]
  • ear ring
  • dirty teeth [well, not too much, this is a “special” orc]

no, the glow plugin doesn’t work. it’s post processed.

i used the focal blur plugin.

i’ve seen an orc once in a taxi… hmm… but that was on the same day i saw elvis with two red elephants :wink:

thank you for the comments, please keep on posting…

(pofo) #10

Much better, can’t really find anything to complain about.
Well maybe, there looks as if there’s a slight “corner” in the middle of his forehead (I’m not even sure it’s there, could be the lighting and texture that makes it seem that way). I sometimes get those when I model half of something and mirror it after it’s done.

Excellent texturing.

  1. pofo

(lingowizard) #11

Can we see more of him? Animated? Only crit is better lighting to show the textures/bumps better and possibly less DOF unless there’s something in the background.

I nice… “Yoo iz lookin at da last ugly face yoos is eva gonna see. See!”


Suddenly I find myself looking up at my body with the blue sky behind it. I notice my boot is unlaced and there’s blood dripping down my leather pants next to it. I am getting light headed :smiley: and sleepy. The sky turns stormy and darkens as I increasingly feel colder. It’s quiet now. Where has everyone gone?

(Andy Goralczyk) #12

hey Lingo, great to see ya alive!

gimme a voice and i try to animate him [lipsync- ish]


(BgDM) #13

Definitely better than the original post.

I agree with lingowizard about the bump. Needs to be more pronounced, (if it is even there yet?).

Great job @ndy. Always enjoy your work.


(Ecks) #14

hey andi you want a voice…then try this: http://www.rhetorical.com/cgi-bin/demo1.cgi you can write what you want and then choose if the voice will be an US male or female or Scotish male or femal etc…I hope it help!

(Andy Goralczyk) #15

hehe… that’s a funny link but unfortunately the voices aren’t “right” for this character. :frowning:

a question: how can i pronounce the bumpmaps???
make some suggestions pleeze…

(BgDM) #16

as far as the bump maps go, have you made the grey scale image to apply? If so, the only other thing is to crank up the NOR slider. Maybe exagerate it even more.

If that fails, you are gonna have to model all those wrinkles :o ! :wink:


(dickie) #17

one of the best cg orcs i’ve seen.

he needs more light though…or more contrast.
the image is begging for a sharp edge.
his eyes too, they need light and depth.

honestly an awesome piece!

(DreamMaster) #18

DreamMaster takes a sip of her hot chocolate while the image loads. Suddenly, the beauty of the picture overwhemed her so much that she choked on her hot chocolate. The world began to spin around her, fading into pitch blackness… BLANK.

…Slowly, she woke up. As her blurred view started to make its form. Strangely, she saw high tech-o blender logo shocking her to be alive again.
“She’s alive now! Thanks to future Blender logo!” Someone’s voice echoed.
“But… this image… image is too great for me to be alive!” DreamMaster spoke quickly, hoping that they’d understand…

(@ce) #19


Amazingly done andy!!!, just keep tweaking, and you’ll have the next real alive ork from LOTR :wink:

(stephen2002) #20

nice job, but its expression looks to be that he has just lost his entire army.

I would suggest trying to put him in some sort of medival setting. So many good models go to waste with simple lighting setups and just one image with a background slapped on.