Orc wip

Started from a basemesh made by ulquiorraad from blendswap(Big thanks!).
I removed the head and sculpted a new head then I connected the body and the head into a single mesh and after that I have been sculpting several muscles and refined the mesh etc.
Its supposed to be some kind of a orc and hopefully I will continue with texturring him and giving him fitting armor and clothes but until that you are more than welcome to qritique

If you start from the puppet you have 2 problem.

  1. The puppet it is difficult to adapt to his new face, and it is so.
  2. work “all body” allows you to learn well and improve on human sculpture.In general, if you work on digital sculpting you will need to force to anatomical studies, to model ALL sculpture.
    Work so it does not allow you to learn.
    I’m still curious to follow this wip

Yeah i definitely agree that my skills wont progress as much if I use someone elses basemesh as a foundation in sculpting but I have made severel attempts of making a suitable basemesh myself which didnt turn out great. So this time I used ulquiorraads basemesh but will try not using it in the future.
I am happy to hear that you are curious to follow this wip!


tried giving him some clothes and armor and I am fairly happy with the hood plus the skull but the rest, not so sure(The clothes and armor I consider to be in a very early stage).



made a little bit of progression with the face.

Please let me know what you guys think, what you think I am doing wrong etc!

Started playing around with texturepainting, my skill level in texturepainting isnt that high but I am gonna keep workin with this and maybe add a SSS we will see.
also im not gonna be painting the whole model since som parts are gonna be covered with clothes.

added texture to the eyes and painted the hood and shirt

changed the color of his eyes and tried different lightsources
Added som painting to the cape aswell(not finished though).

It’s not bad, but I think it is lacking in midrange and small details. Some alpha brushes will help you to add pimples and dimples, things like pores. Look up anatomy reference to understand bone and muscle structures to bring your work up a notch. Around the eyes it needs more attention, at the moment it looks like they eyes would pop out of the socket. That way when painting the fleshier parts of the faces will have a slight red tint to them, it can also be achieved using a SSS shader. Keep it the good work.

Nice, It begins to make a sense.I think you should also work on the fabric folds. They can’t follow the pectorals line.
Around there are several very interesting tutorial, if you’re lucky’ll find the sculpt brushes suitable for the purpose.

The face, for now is taking “direction” for the syle.
I would say that you can get inspired by taking a few details from a lizard or character (can not remember the name) LIZARD? Marvel, one of the enemies of Spiderman.

here a miniature

I think you can take from this the “eye sharp” and the …mmm the “bump” of the skin.

For a bad hero you can work also on proportions and poses, for work on expression of the face.
this can help you

Fro a bad Character need some proportions.

The shoulders are the most high, the posture is curved, the head with the look up help much.

Thank you yeah it defenitely need some detail I actually using an alphabrushe which produces scales, its mostly an experiment but if it turns out good I will be posting it. I will be keeping that in consideration will try fixing the eyes also!

The lizzard idea could work out great I will try adding scale to it maybe change the tounge a bit

Changed the lighting a bit again and sculpted some more details plus texturepainting him a bit more.

tried scales and heres the result! Think I like the first one more though.