I always liked fantasy creatures and fairy tales… and I always liked to see this type of art being shown by very talented artists. I tried to do something like this before many times, but my skills were not sufficient to produce something that would please the eye, but that is changing, I’m increasing my skills, little by little, thanks to the patience and the time I’ve been forcing myself to spend studying my own art. I hope you enjoy, there are more to come . http://e.deviantart.net/emoticons/h/happybounce.gif

Yep I enjoy it. It has the potential to be in a video game. Patience is a valuable resource, and it was significant in creating this great character.

You’re right, thanks! I’m thinking on keep working in this piece to make it even better. Any new result I’ll post here :slight_smile:

This is amazing! Just for my curiosity, how many vertices does your character have?