I’m working on this Orchid for a possible future tutorial. Just wondering what peoples thoughts were. There is something still bugging me that I don’t like about it but I can’t quite figure out what it is.

Good model.
The stem looks plastic, too glossy. Leaves are too dark. Flower, stem, and leaves need bump map. All plant parts would benefit SSS.
Hope this helps.


Changed the composition. Worked on some shaders, decided to put the flower in the vase rather than the pot, and brought in an old asset (the teacups.)

Hadn’t seen your comment. Thanks those are all good points.

Now has sss shaders. Changed back to the pot. Can’t decide between the pot and the vase. Also added some sculpted details and bump mapping.

the pot is a lot more interesting.
you should put two plates, it is odd two cups and only one plate.

It certainly is improving but I would say that there is a little too much SSS on the upper end of the stem.

That could be my poor texturing skills :frowning: (I’ll play around with the sss though to see if that is the problem)

This is getting pretty close to final.

It looks rather odd with all the objects squeezed on the right hand side of the frame, try repositioning them. The render is really coming along nicely and the materials look great, especially the black pot.

New Composition, a slight change to the sss shaders. Everything else mostly the same.

I think I’m going to leave it at this. Let me know what you think.

Edit: Actually I think I’ll try one more composition

Composition #2

What do you think?

Final Version.


I would very much like to see a tutorial on this! I think that the leaves at the bottom may be a bit saturated. The orchids in my home always got some dust on the leaves that make them look slight grey. Maybe reducing the saturation would slightly make it look more natural. The other thing I thought of was the flowers. How did you make them? Are they planes or do they have volume? I think they need to let through just slightly more light.

Overall I really like this project. Every time I see plants or any kind of nature in 3D I get interested, Its so hard to make and yet ppl still pull it of! I think this is a good example of amazing plant making as well! Oh, did I say that I really want to see a tutorial? :slight_smile:

Looks very… artificial. The texturing on the orchid needs to be improved. Stores typically have orchids for sale, may I suggest examining one.