Orcish Warrior - Updated Again

Ok, so there’s no background yet, but the modeling/texturing is done so I wnated to show it off here as well. Please elt me know what you think, and what i should maybe change for the final scene!

WOO! I’ve been waiting to see this posed for a long while now. Looks fantastic, how about some closeups? Also, his left arm just looks odd to me, but I can’t quite pinpoint why.

I also just noticed the hanging piece of binding thread on the axe isn’t really following the laws of gravity.

My first post from Colombia!
WoW men. That’s Great! :smiley:
This picture remember me to WarCraft3.
Please put a render of the face for see more the details of the modeling.
Chao amigo! :Z

Awesome. I think that the problem with the left arm is the way the hand is holding the axe. Right now it looks like his wrist is rotated too much. give it a little rotation counterclockwise and have the hilt resting on the base of his index finger.

What Kormiic said about the thread.

And lastly I think that you should light it up more to show off all of the details that you have put into this.

Great work Arowe!

The lighting is lkilling the model in this render. You need a way better light set up.

Email me, or PM me a link to your blend and I can set up a light system for you to better show this off.


I agree it almost hurts your eyes to look at it…not that its a bad model but the lighting is so off. Great job I cant wait to see a lighter version

Kormiic - thanks, I’ve since fixed your suggestions, but i won’t put up an update until I can figure out the lighting.

sliker - thanks very much!

Woodman5k - thanks!. yeah, lighting is easily my worst skill(or lack of).

BgDM - I would send you the file, but it’s about 16M which is too big for me to uplaod anywhere…Lighting, I readily acknowledge, I am terrible at. What would you suggest?

Enriq766 - aye, I know…I’ll try to figure something out with that…suggestions?

**Edit - Hopefully this is better?


I’ve been watching this project for a while, and I’d just like to say that this is amazing work. However, I think that you have a bit of a clash between the wood textures and the body’s texture. They look too similar. It may just be that I’m in 16-bit color, but the wood looks pretty green to me.

Anyway, keep up the good work,

Well I like the base and your modeling-
but I think the skin material looks a bit flat- maybe some sweat shine sort of thing would help? duno…

it seems ok to me

Try a lighter background, I think it will be better to see then even though you may think it looks less “cool” then. At least I think it won’t look less cool then and will be better to see.

What an amazing model and amazing textures, though the skull above his head makes the character itsselfe look more insicnificant. Perhaps if the skull is deleted (sounds harch because I really like ths skull) the main character will caught the attention better.

Hope I’m making sence. :stuck_out_tongue:

(The character and render looks like the demo reels from cgtalk. You can see this as a compliment :P)

That looks great. I love the detail. My 2 cents: I looks like his hands are too small, I recommend that you make his arms thicker and his hands larger. To me it looks out of place for him to hold that axe.



this model looks great, gotta love warhammer models!

you can increase the sense of massiveness in him by making his hands & forearms larger (but keep his wrists relatively small in comparison, it will make his arms seem huge).

and that skull above him does seem to make him less significant in scale…

is he wearing gloves, or does he have that strange michael jackson disease where he is slowly turning splotchy white?

For the lighting, just try a standard 3 point set up such as this one:

a) Where the camera is, place a raytraced spot pointing to your model. Colour set to a slight yellow. Power at 1.0
b) To the left of the model and coming from just below. Another rytraced spot. Set to a blue colour. Power at about 0.4-0.65
c) From behind the model, 180 degrees from the lamp in (A). Yet another raytraced spot. Colour to white. Power set to 3-4.
d) Get a nice BG image that you can set to the world BG and use it as your AO light source. Render to ALPHA, so you do not see it.

Try that and see howit works.


lirmont - Thanks! your right, I made it more brown in this update.

Dwarfose - upped the spec on the skin, hope that helped. Thanks!

kroopson - 8)

Roger - thanks, I took your suggestion and put a white background instead of black. I scaled the skull down, hopefully that reduces the “overpowering” effect it caused. Thanks for the kind words:)

bob_holcomb - Thanks! Umm…the hands are the size of the face, which is normal anatomy proportions. I thought anything bigger would make him look goofy. I scaled the axe down a little instead, hopefully that helps.

pld - Thanks! See previous comment about the hands…

BgDM - Thanks for the suggestion, here’s what i got from it:

Hope this works.


anything else?

hgis arms and head are to small in comparrison …it looks more like goblin arms and a goblin head thrown onto an orc body
and also the position of the arms needs work

Simply awesome. I would suggest maybe making the head of the orc less wide. Basically, making it a bit smaller horizontally. All in all, this is a masterpeice.

Edit: Omg, I forgot how old this thread was. I apologize. I was going through some old threads and I just forgot this was old. My bad, really. Sorry about this! :frowning:

:smiley: Nice detail !!! But for final render you should use AO ! Regards

less white, its blinding… lol (a tiny smudge darker)
also it would be neat if you made a rotating anim of it… (so as to loop it)…

looks rather fine to me :slight_smile:
I’d like to see a whole scene, with paintbrushes and paintpots, maybe one or two of those orks “unpainted” on a table :slight_smile: