Orcish Warrior

Well, I’ve started to get tired of this project and there doesn’t seem to be enough interest for me to keep on it, so even though I know there’s problems with it, it’s done as far as I’m concerned.


omg!!! that is really cool, i didnt see your thread? is it in wip? wow it is really cool.

wow dude this is great…i really hope you keep going with it…my only crit is the grass looks a little straight…keep it up


wow, nice modelling and texturing :smiley: . seem to have missed your wip thread.

As you said, there are a couple things that could be better, but its still really good and I like the feeling of the image.

dang, that axe is huge :slight_smile:

thank you.

Grimreaper - Yes, there’s a long wip thread in the wip forum, currently near the bottom of the first page.

Timmo - Thanks, I might come back to it sometime later.

zdk1 - lol thanks very much.

Hey before you stop working on it just get the lazy hand doing something cus it looks really weird just flopped beside him. :). Other then that i really like it.

yeah, i agree the hands need to be posed better… just doing the fingers would be a drastick improvement

Holy fuck!
that is awesome.

…pose looks a bit stiff, but… OMG! :o

very nice work :slight_smile:

very detailed - could use a better lighting and env - but over all… great image.

omg it’s really not bad …

try to work on the lightning now and it’ll be perfect

That looks good actually, but boring scene brings the qualaity down a bit, but the mood in your scene is great. It just needs something more. Not much, but something.

Also the camera angle you chose hides all the wonderfull details you’ve doen in your character.

But anyway, good job.

Very nice image, but yes, it can be improved a bit. I have some hints wich may could help.

  1. Other people said it before but he need to be reposed. I was thinking of letting him kneel down(on a stone), but I dont know if thats the solution. He need a more dramatic pose by the way.

  2. Also mentioned before is the lighting. Almost the whole picture has the same contrast, try to add more lighter and more darker area’s in the picture.

The composition of your image is good and the upcoming mist is very well done!!

Maybe this helps,


Looks good!!! Very impressing…

Thanks everyone, but I’ve been doing this pic for over two months now and I’m just tired of it. I might come back to it later, but for now I’m putting it aside.

The pose I know is stiff and unrealistic, but I decided to stop working on him before I even rigged the whole thing. I only have the neck and arm rigged, and when/if i come back to it I’ll certainly fix it.

As for the lighting, I’ve never been very good at lighting, and when I asked in my wip thread to get some pointers or be pointed to some good tutorials, I got no answers, so I tried what I could.

thanks for the replies, everyone

no no he just has a dead arm :stuck_out_tongue: waiting for it to wake up again :). well ill be waiting for you to come back to this dude.


VERY nice! :o

so you ppl are telling me you didn’t even ONCE see the thread?

i’ve been watching at it all of the time and it’s come a damn long way and he has modelled the armor and the orc to incredible detail

really nice image. but can you make a render that shows the character’s detail? that would be really awsome.

Only thing that for me needs improvement are hands. Those fingers look kinda strange. But besides that eee… what can I say… because of pictures like that I want to learn Blender :wink:

Thanks everyone!

Soulless - thank you very much, though I don’t blame people if they miss my thread.

Mark62756 - thanks. I have several renders at this page - http://www.freewebs.com/arowe/Orc.htm that show the progression of the character, including closer shots showing off details.

Elmo pl - thanks very much:)