Orco mapping with Texture plugin

Hi people.
I got a problem with Orco mapping via plugin… when I use textures like clouds, marble (all embedded in Blender) it works fine… but when I choose texture plugin and things like bricks, water, etc it seems like the orco mapping doesn’t really work… here is a picture.


Clouds is a 3Dtexture and Bricks is 2D.
This is the reason for the mapping differences.
With 2D textures, which are not imagetextures in Orco you can just choose the direction of mapping via the XYZ Buttons together with ofs and size in the Map inputPanel.
I think, it would be better to use UVMapping.


can you show the real pci not the preview panle plese
to see what it does

yu stilll needt to set teh parameters in the plugin you choose to get the proper seize

here is a sample of bricjkand other plugin see pic
you can see plane and may be cube in pic and i after [laying with sizes ect
you get good results


First, the Image you can load is 2D too, right? and works pretty well… with plugin texture no matter if you choose flat, cube, tube, sphere, It looks the same…like on the picture I posted before and the one I post now. So I think this is not the true reason…

Ok see the picture…


The Sphere, cube, flat, tube settings only work for image textures. They are not used by procedural texture.s This is why your bricks appear the same each time. I 2nd Patel in suggesting you try UV mapping the sphere.

usually the plugin parameters will overide everything else in blender
even the colors base or in Map output

but if you are trying to map on a sphere !

usually bricj are not round they are flat so not certain what you want to do exactly here
do you want a sphere made of brick

you could put your brick on a plane then trnasform it into a sphere with warp function!
do you have a real model you can show to see and better understand what you want to do !

Thanks & Salutations