Order can not be cancelled?

Hi, just wanted to see if anyone else had the same situation?
I have ordered a trackball mouse to replace my old one from a well known company that manufacture that item, directly from their website,
Three days later i still haven’t received a despatch confirmation or a tracking number.
So i decided to contact that company and cancel the order.
The reply i have got was : once order been processed it can not be canceled despite the fact that it wasn’t despatched. Furthermore, I can only cancel once it has been despatched.
This sounds absurd.
Any advise will be appreciated.

It can be their order system is just so old or ugly it cannot cancel easy an order where a stock movement is started. They could do it but i guess it makes more work in this state so they just wait for the cancel after the the delivery is on their way. And then use the optimized return procedure.

They are just streamlining their workflow instead of customer satisfying.

??? sorry…
what does blender has to do with this ? :thinking:
EDIT: sound you just have been f*cked-in^^
This is the risk when you set an order in nebulous web companies. :confused:
Sorry for you !

Hi, Off topic chat is for non blender related subjects.

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Yes that is what i thought, I have now ordered the same item from local retailer and it was sent today and will be received tomorrow. Always check the Trustpilot for reviews of the company before ordering. i wish i did.


I smash open doors but…
Be carefult of where and to whom you give your confidence :wink:
I hope you receive what you expect :smiley:

And Happy blending ! :smiley:

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Can you return it free of charge?

@bartv, it wasn’t even despatched yet, but i don’t think return will be free. and it will be six weeks before i will get my money back, After looking on the web trustpilot for that company it doesn’t given me any confident that it will be an easy ride.