Order in AlphaOverNode???!

Hey, why (the hell) is the order in the alpha-over-node switched? I mean if i want to cover an alpha-mapped imaged over another, i want to bring it OVER that… but in the alpha-over node i have to take it UNDER it???



Imagine you are a camera aligned with the front view and your layers are stacked into the distance in front of you. In this view you cannot see individual layers, only the combined effect. Now switch to top view…

The topmost socket is the furthest image from you. Lower sockets are closer to you/the camera. I guess when Ton thinks in 3d he lives in front view :wink:

Yeah it’s very weird to get your head around, and I was very much against it. Ton says it can’t be changed easily due to the design of the compositor - the top input is always the input that ‘has something done to it’, the order of operations flows top to bottom.

maybe you mean: it’s because the top-socket is responsible for the base-resolution of the alpha-over?
(i hope you understand, what i mean!?!)