Order of modifiers in stack

Hi all :slight_smile:

I know this is basic stuff and I have searched - all I get is that it is important to get the order of modifiers in the stack right, but no hint of what the right order is.

OK, if I first add a mirror modifier, then a subsurf, the subsurf is above the mirror, but below it in the panel. So, below is above? This is the correct order?

Is there a list anywhere for guidance when using a lot of modifiers?

Yes below is above. Sorry I don’t know of any guidance list for that. But your particular order is right. It makes a smooth boundary between the 2 parts (if you check the “merge” box in the mirror modifier.

A general rule would be that mirror modifier always goes on top of the list which means it’s below all the other ones in the list. Especially when it comes to boolean modifiers, mirror modifier needs to come first. You’ll have to use logic and analyse how your objects behaves or what results you get once you stack your modifiers in specific order. For instance if you want to make couple of cubes to follow a curve. First you need to create the cube then apply the array modifier and after that add the curve modifier and assign the curve that the cube needs follow. If you were to do it opposite like first adding the curve modifier and then the array modifier you’d the original cube following the curve and all the other duplicated cubes would just follow it’s given axis in the array modifier.

Thankfully you’ve got arrow icons in the modifier tab to sort your modifiers, so even if you don’t stack them appropriately at first you don’t have to delete them and start over again. You can just sort them without a problem using those arrows.

Thanks, guys - yes, i guess it does all come down to logic and knowledge of what each modifier does:) Just gets a bit confusing when tutors say something like “place a subsurf above…” and you hit the up-arrows with horrible results!

Be nice if someone would compile a list…

well it is hard to make a list when there a million combinations, the reason that they tell you to order it in a curtain way is because if you don’t it will come out different. just remember that when you apply a modifier, apply the bottom one first, or it may mess it up.

one note, if you have a mirror modifier with merge on, and a subserf modifier below it.

I think it’s fair to say that the visual representation of the modifier “stack” in Blender is confusing. It is by all means a very minor issue and probably not worthy of a fix at the moment (and I suppose it could be justified as being similar to a tree hierarchy expanding down), but I think it is fair to say that one would naturally add a modifier on top of another one - not below.

As for how to use the modifiers and in which order : this comes with experience … and logic :slight_smile:

Or logically you do things in order, which would be, Do 1st modifier, then do 2nd modifier, then do 3rd modifier etc.
It is also consistent with other parts of blender, things applied in order from top to bottom.
Juts like is a glass half empty or half full. They are both correct but looked at from different perspectives

As for how to use the modifiers and in which order : this comes with experience … and logic

Like most things in life:)

As long as I understand the principles and logic…the rest can be worked on. Thanks for the advice:)