Order of process for creating game assets

Hello all…

I was hoping some clarification can be had by experienced game makers for the ideal process of creating assets (humanish characters specifically).

I have a good high poly human model made, now I am unsure what to do next.

I know I need to:

-Bake high poly into normal map and apply to low poly that matches shape (already have mesh)
-Make hair particles
-Texture skin colors and such
-Final adjustments of mesh detailing
-Adding clothes
-Creating rig

I am having unsure on which order to do the above steps in to create my asset… Some clarification on how to proceed for the best workflow. If I have missed some step please include. Other than of course animations, and logic which will be last two steps.

Thank you all!

Do you need an order?

I suggest you post this question in the CG discussion forum (avoid to mention it is for a game - it does not matter). I’m sure some experienced modellers will share their experience.

You can make stuff in so many ways. Hair can be sculpted, box modeled, emitted as 3D particles, baked as mesh texture from particles…

But your goal is to have a mesh that is as manifold as possible, smooth/hard edges and surfaces properly set, every polygon considered.