Ordian vehicle

Hi I have been working on this screenshot from an animation, and was wondering the order most blender users use when creating models, Are clay type models created first, and perfected ? then receive added color, materials, texture and effects ? or is there any order?

also here is a turntable test. testing my ability to post video here. I fail these a lot.

I’v been working on this image lately. will need a lot of work to get scene rite

ok I think this one will work turtable of Ordian vehicle #1

I need some help understanding final image saving. I went to the compositor(I don’t know why) I made this image black and white and used some filters. My problem is I can’t find anyplace in all these buttons to save this image.
This happens alot so I have to (prt scr) the screen if i tried to use (File) it just save the .blend file. So what I’m asking is How do I save an image and why this seems so hard to do? Thanks for any help.

I’m sure there is a way of doing it directly from the compositor, but I do it this way: Open up the “Render Result” image in the UV/image editor. Then select Image -> Save or hit F3 to save the image.

Usually I would render a preview quality of my image and apply compositing nodes on it. Then I render my final with higher resolution and all the settings I want and make sure that “Compositing” under Post Processing is checked. That way it will automatically run through your comp nodes after rendering and you can then save the final as said above.

OK thanks for all the info. I’ll reference your info at the last render in a few months

I’m still working on this river house. maybe I’ll finish in a few months, I’ll need to add some trees and brush. The water will be last and will animate in a subtle flow without moving the reflections too much and almost no ripples. and I must lower the tint. I’m not sure of the look for this or if I can even correct all the errors> low skills in blender:)
any suggestions welcomed.