Ordnance Hill

Hi guys, took a break from my WW1 trench project to do a scene from the Napoleonic Wars:

It is based on a skirmish between Austria and Prussia. It isn’t historical, rather a screenshot from my most recent game in Napoleonic Wars, covered with cgtextures and composited with Photoshop and PhotoSketch. The battle involved about 150 people and was on a hilly battlefield divided in half by a river and canyon. Austria set up their artillery on this hill. It seemed well defended at first, but the frontline broke quicker than expected and the hill was charged head-on by Prussians. Any opinions?

:spin: I didn’t think they had barbed wire back then…

Its just a picture used to separate the real picture and the text lol. I removed it, to prevent confusion over what the main picture is. How does the actual picture look?

Robert, I think when you edited the post you may have removed all the photos. I don’t see anything.

All I saw originally was the barbed wire. There may be a problem with the main image. Too big, perhaps?

Yeah, too big -_- this sucks. Someone delete this post please, I don’t have a smaller version of the pic.

Can you post it on photobucket or imageshack and give us a link?

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Thanks for your interest :smiley:

nice image, with what did you make it?

I used a screenshot from one of our battles in Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars as a reference image, then used photoshop and cgtextures, with brusheezy and photosketch for effects.