hello everyone, i havent been doing much on the net this summer, so ive not been about the site in a while… but had some time these last few weeks and been trying to get my latest project to a point where i felt comfortable posting. aaaany way, this is a little character ive been thinking up, its called an ‘oremite’, part of a story im working on, and basicly a mining drone, basicly…

any crits are always welcome, and actually thats the reason im posting. i think ive flushed out most of my details and would like some insight as far as what you might like to see. there are a few smaller apendages to be added, but this is the main look it will have.

thanks for looking :slight_smile:

Awesome! No crits here, I like him!:smiley:

this looks great !!! well modeled . nice style to him also. you could add something that has to do with mining ?? like a pick axe apendage or something creative.

hey thanks guys! as far as the ‘mining’ apendages they will be added, those muzzle like cylinders are the basic ports for them. what im adding now, aside from a bit here and there, are front arm-like stablizers. so the front can get closer to the ground. almost like feeding or grazing…
also a misconception about the oremites is that they mine, they can but it is more efficient to scavenge. which meens they try to take advantage of human vehicles and arms which they steal pieces of. anyway… here is the start of the front ‘legs’ and a more detailed render so you can get a better idea of what it looks like.
thanks for looking…

hmm… looks good but the bolt-thingys on the front (the round things on the indentedpart of the cylindar around the neck at the base… next to teh biggest of the arm-attachment things)
there needs to be more detail there… maby some verticle lines or some wires or tubes or something…

looks really good…I love your style

jesse, thanks for the reply. i agree… ill take a look at what i want to do. that cylinder is a detatchable part so no tubes, but more detail is definately in order… nice to see another oregonian around here… thanks

Heh I’m definitely seeing some Elephants Dream based inspiration here :wink: It’s looking great, although do you have a wireframe?

Looks realy good!
Right now it feels like everything is pointing backwards on it. I would like to have something that got it’s bodystructure to point more forward. Do you get my point?

Anyways… Realy good modelling, I hope you don’t mess this up :stuck_out_tongue:

sweet! i think it would look cool with some small arms pointing toward, should help with [Kothe]'s point.

whoa!!nice job.excellent detail.

Mr bomb: haha id like to think i was on my mech binge before project orange, but it would be hard to say. not that it isnt something to draw inpiration from :stuck_out_tongue: maybe a wire on the next update… few days

kothe: i understand perfectly… ill get the stuff hooked up to it. ive 6 things pointing forwards to be attatched soon. betcha can guess where they might go…

felix: thank you very much, see above :slight_smile:

rixtr66: thank you for the complement, i think my intuition is getting better at adding details in the right places… like kothe said i hope i dont over do it or skrew it up. you better be the first to let me know :wink:

thank you all, ive got a couple 14 hour days to get through, but after that ill have an update ready…


looks awesome man :slight_smile:

nothing much to crit on, except them few things i mentioned in the mail. the level of detail looks stunning, could we get a render from diffrent angles? are you using some nor maps like you did with your mech?

keep up the good work man :slight_smile:

ok, sorry for the delay in my progress… and the change in the way my pics are posted this time. my school server isnt accepting my ftp’s for whatever reason… so i used the attachment feature :slight_smile:

added a few things and spent a longer than needed amount of time playing with my particle volumetrics. here are a couple new angles, im really not too keen on the front feet atm. i will change them. just trying to figure out what i want them to look like, also may pitch them forward a bit more also. the tenticles right now include: lights (upper) and some ultra-futuristic cutting/melting devices (lower).

any comments are more than appreciated :slight_smile:
thanks for looking, as always

looks really good. volumetric particles? is that just the normal ‘halo’ material or do you have a special technique?

I love the things on the back of the head, legs, and body… looks really cool.

the problem i mentioned before is alot less glaring with the tentacles there… you might not have to do much.

also, are you going to animate him (i assume so as he’s a part of a ‘story’, but i don’t know you well enough to tell…)?
if so, how are you planning to do the tentacles? IK? that’d be my first thaught…

haha, no, the term i used for the technique is really just my attempt to quickly describe what they are doing. i looked into using many particles like rays to immitate volumetric and/or glaring light. so the little lights on the tenticles and head have very low alpha and are wider at the base than at the tips. this way, the effect as far as intensity or opacity is stronger the closer to the origin you look. and since particles are geometricly calculated they only obscure what they actually overlap (as expected) i mostly just enjoy the look they give without having to use nodes or post pro. im still going to add a slight blur to them i think, the nodes are really freakin awsolme. i spent a bunch of time messing with them too :wink:

animating this bot may not be on my to-do-list right now but my goal will be to have a functional rig on this guy so that i may in the future when i bring myslef back to the universe this little dudes a part of. as far as the tenticles though, they are easy, actually already done. the individual rings on are dupliframes of on ring parented to a curve. all you have top do it add hooks to the curve and youre ready to animate. although im not sure how attaching the emptys to an armiture will work… that will be something to spend another day playing with… thank you for the reply, and sorry for talking your ear off… err… typing your eyes out… or something

Great little character and excellent detail level. Now, get some textures on this thing and make it come to life.


ok working on some textures, thanks BGDM for the push… so dont hesitate to stop me on the texturing job here if you see something you dont like…

texture is started on the body and plating on legs. it is generic so far to get a feel for it, more defining texturing will be added later. the scratches on the texture are uni-directional because of the idea that these little guys move mostly forward and some backward, but not much lateral movement. dense underbrush and such… here we go:

thanks for looking :slight_smile:

ha! update at last…
texturing almost done, finishing the legs and feet is all that is left really. glad too, texturing has taken too long between all ive had on my plate now that school started again. ill be working on the rig soon…

is it bad im already planning my next project…
what do you think?

ok starting to work on the surrounding environment, ive roughed out a tree branch, it’s nice because i can alter the main branch with hooks, the main branch is a path which is why about halfway through the quickly parented cylinders stop touching each other, to fix ill eventually parrent a surface curve and join them together when i have the look i want. much like my juggernaut folliage actually. im really interested on how you guys think the tree looks: too baren, to full, lame, twitterpated, etc.

thanks for looking :slight_smile:

This is a great model. I think the mining drone is very well done and I really like how it turned out with the textures. Very cool.

What kind of scale is this thing? I mean, how tall is this drone? Are they supposed to be small since you imply they go through thick underbrush? They seem to be “bird size” or maybe even the size of small dogs, but I was just curious.

Keep up the good work.