Oreo Box - Special Edition

I’ve been working on an Oreo product lately (no association with the company, just a personal project). It started off as a practice for texture control, but it escalated into a full project with animation and all that jazz. Check out the animation on youtube below or the full project on my Behance profile following the link.



This Oreo design looks amazing, very very good job!
(the “banana for scale” made me laugh)
If I may ask how much time did it take you to complete the project?
The presentation video looks also amazing and the blue pattern with the Oreo boxes too!

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Hey, thanks so much for the kind comments. I first started working on it on October 18th so roughly one month ago. It was a side project working on it on and off, I didn’t track the time exactly but I would say around 20-30 hours in total. Not counting the overnight rendering, when I was asleep :slight_smile:

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25 hours it’s not so much, I would have thought it took you longer. Were you dreaming of Oreo cookies during the render!! Then it absolutely counts :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:!! Those overnight renders are a classic, sleeping while the computer works and makes processing sounds! If it’s winter it’s OK but in summer, it can be a heat nightmare! anyway amazing job!!!

I have a pretty good fan cooling system and soundproof housing for the PC so it’s fine, you can barely hear it. Yeah, I definitely could have spent more time on it and make it better but this was enough :smiley:

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