Organ (music instrument) maps needed for a project


I want to ask the community if anyone knows a place or a person who can give me an AUTOCAD map of an organ. Or directly a dxf with the 3dimensional shape.

My brother is going to build a showreel about this instrument, to explain to whole catalan society his strenghts and artistic values. The showreel must contain photos and recordings of great organs and playing him, but also will be useful a 3d animation which show mechanical details and allows good and spectacular views, which aren’t possible in camera-video-&-low-expenses ;-).

In Spain the musician culture is very poor; I hope in Europe perhaps this resource (digitallized organ shapes) still exists.
Sorry for my english and thanks to your patience :slight_smile:

I have no resources for you, but you can look at

to find something.

beg me but try also to be more clear, because an autocad map is not easy to understand, you need a texture or a blueprint or a 3D model?

thanks for the links, i will see on it
you’re right, autocad map is not easy to understand, more when i practically don’t know autocad XD
i’m looking for a 3d model if possible

I’ve found a 3d model of an ancient electronic organ, but what i manly need is a model of a big organ, classical tube organ. Perhaps a 3d model is quite hard to find, but not autocad maps i think, since these organs are almost architectural buildings.
So i should wait and learn autocad meanwhile :slight_smile: