Organic corkscrew?

Not sure what to say about this. Just been messing with the screw and with metallic materials. Here’s what I got. It’s neither a WIP nor a finished project, just wanted to share them.

Here’s the whole object:

And here are 2 close ups:

Interesting shape, this could looks good in an abstract image!

try selecting all verts and then remove doubles.

Wow, that is so cool! May I ask what materials, lights and rendering settings you used?

thanks duskblue. I’ve had a project in mind for several years now - an abstract animation to a particular piece of music. These shapes and style are perfect for it, however, it’ll be a while before I get good enough / patient enough to follow it through.

@ner: thanks for the tip. I just did that, but the 76 verts removed didn’t seem to make much difference to the finished picture

xarton: glad you like it. rather than explain, here’s the relevant settings:

The lighting - 1 lamp and 1 spot. The stucci texture set to NOR seemed to make a big difference as well as the diffuse and specular settings. The rest followed my usual “hit it and see what happens” approach. Happy experimenting!

it would look better if it wasn’t just reflecting black. Add an environment if oyu can, even if its justa picture,

Neat, very chrome like

Hmmm. I tried something similar, but the stucci texture just made it look cheap.

EDIT: Here’s a picture:

Also, there’s that horrible noise as well, which is there even without the texture.


perhaps try switching off Ray in the render buttons window… any better?

I assumed that was how you were getting the reflection (with Ray Mirror on) - is this not the case?

no, i think its just the effects of diffuse and spec light (and the raymir texture mapping is irrelevant i think). did it look any better?

After you do remove doubles, you should always select al the verticies and then press Ctrl+n and recalculate normals.

thanks paroneayea for the tip.

Been playing some more with this image. This time I used it as an image map on a subdivided plane (set to nor and emit) and fiddled some more with various settings. Post pro settings in the unified renderer are quite interesting…

Result =

It’s so cool! It’s got a really moody, atmospheric feel to it.

Unfortunately I appear not to have saved the .blend file that I made my one in, but I’ll try again in a bit!