Organic extrude

I can’t get the organic extrude as explained on
to work.

Ctrl - LMB in edit mode moves polly(expected).

This looks like a great tool(modo)


i have to ask since this is your first post… are you running 2.4?


In Edit mode, just select a face, edge or vert and Ctrl-LMB.


In Edit mode with a face, edge or vert selected and Ctrl-LMB, blender goes into lasoo select mode. With pref set to left mouse it grabs the polly,vert or edge and moves it.

For organic extrude, in Edit mode select the vert, edge, or face you want to extrude, place the cursor where you want the new vert/edge/face to end up, then Ctrl-LMB. It’s slightly different from EKEY extrusion; you don’t drag the selection around.

click quicker :smiley:

Thank you!!!


No dragging that is the answer!

My blender was installed over old version using windows installer. When I extracted from the .zip into new folder it worked fine. Thank you guys.