Organic Logo

Hi all

I made a logo in animation master and want to do it new in Blender (because the renderer is much faster than the one form am).
It should look like the o (this one was made with am).

I have the shape made with curves but now I don’t really know how I can get the organic, round look like the old one from the link above.

I was looking for a tutorial about this, but I didn’t really find one.

Thx in advanced for your help!


It looks like you need to create curves for bevel and taper objects- it’s also possible you will need to convert to mesh and hand edit some of the details for perfection. Another option is to lower your curve resolutions, convert to mesh, and subsurf/edit.

I’d actually try the Curve deform modifier here…you might want to look that up, it is probably not that easy if you just want to do it quickly as that specific modifier can be somewhat…nasty sometimes, meaning it sometimes doesn’t seem to work as it should. But that’s most often only due to tiny little things which are easily overlooked.
So, if you want to give it a try and encounter some problems, just ask here.

Thx for the answers. I’ll hope I get time for trying the tips the next week.