Organic looking

Dear Blender users, I am a 3d printer fanatic. I was snowboarding a few days ago and I broke my scaphoid bone. This mean that I will use a cast for a few months (forgive me but I’m Spanish, this is a difficult translation for me).

I would like to print a immobilizer for my arm. I got the CT scan so I can easily get the STL of the surface of my arm. I would like to 3d print something like this:

As far a I have found googling I think that 3D studio solves this task easily but I would like to use a freeware like blender instead. Do any one of you how to design the immobilizer form the stl file containing the surface of my arm?

I would like to use something like this 3DStudio capability:

Do any of you know how to get that “organic” looking using blender?

Thanks in advance.


ps: Take care if you go snowboarding or skiing.

Thanks Benny for your fast reply. I’m goind to try it right now.

Best regards.