organic modeling

ok so i can model a face pretty well already no problems there, but im trying to find a tutorial on how to model the rest of the body and how to model it so that rigging it is easy and then how to rig it.

so if anyone can point out some good body modeling/rigging tutorials i would be in your debt forever.

one last thing if anyone has some good texturing tutorials that would be appreciated as well

It depends on your skill level, but some tutorials for body modeling include the BSOD Introduction to Character Animation. But it is a basic tutorial. For actual human modeling, you can try Mr. Bomb’s low poly human tutorial. I dont have the links, but try googleing them. I am sure they will turn up.

as for my skill level im pretty good with blender i dont post much of my work on the forums but i spend a lot of time in blender

I second this:
BSOD Introduction to Character Animation
… or you could spring for “Essential Blender”

Only the female body, but it looks like a quality DVD (by mr_bomb)

(oops, san beated me to it. But yeah, Jonathan’s Williamson’s dvds are really good!)

I strongly agree with this. Both of those are excellent resources, and they have both helped me a ton in furthering my skill with Blender.

I would also add the book ‘Introduction to Character Animation’, it gives a very comprehensive overview of the main features of blender. Character modeling, texturing, rigging, animating, and rendering.

Not only does it cover the technical details of animating, but it gives a little theory on the art of animation itself, convincing movement and such.

Colin Larkin’s stuffis pretty good too. It’s lion-o, but the topology and explanations are pretty good. There are lots more if you search. Topology is a good search word, also and