Organic Modelling tutorial (Revised version)

(LohnS) #1

Well you may remember a while back I posted part one of a tutorial on modelling an ogre’s head. Well due to the difficulty among other things i went back and started it all over again with a new creature, this time with a nice side view…

you can also go on and have a try for yourself to make it after you have the contour sketching done if you like. Just add a new object and use the c-sketch like the boundaries. btw the file of the c-sketch will be provided aswell =).

But in the meantime i’ll try an get part 2 done ASAP.

Also if you find anything that is spelled wrong, or something that is said that is very confusing just post and i’ll sort it out.

thanx a lot, enjoy the new part one =).

(ectizen) #2

That looks familiar! I’d recognise that chin anywhere :wink:

This is quite timely :slight_smile:
I’ve just spent the past hour unsuccessfully modelling something organic for this week’s challenge.

Hopefully, this will help…

(LohnS) #3

yeah this part 1 can also be used if you have a good modeling method, but you only have a side view, this will make it easier to make whatever it is =D