"Organic" Mutant Cat


Comments, crits, anything.

I’m a bit concerned on how I’ll do the body :confused:

Only really “glaring” thing I can see is the teeth. I think they should extend into the corners of the mouth and out if sight behind the cheeks, and also I think you need to add a bottom row.

Another thing: I think you should model the nose to be a little more visible.

Don’t always look at it from the front, make sure you model in the round. Right now it looks like you’ve only been working on it from the front perspective. Why I say that is that the teeth don’t look like they are in any kind of a jaw setup, they look paper thin and stacked behind each other to give the 2d effect of a row of teeth. The eyes look good though they are human eyes not cat eyes, cat’s have vertical pupils and they have much less to no white in there eyes, depending on breed. As for the rest of the mesh it’s all pretty simple, no textures or materials as of yet to crit. Keep going, like the idea!

If you want it to be a cat then a lot of things would need to be changed, but you could easily pass it off as a demon.

Quick update:


Mostly worked on eyes, few changes to model (Mostly the ears and mouth).

I’m trying to make that second sort of glassy “layer” cats eyes seem to have. Dunno how I will.

Edit: Updated blend file.



You can use that tutorial to get really nice looking glossy eyes, just change the part that involves the iris so that it’s a slit in the circle instead of another circle. That way you have the nice transparent cornia with a yellowish color, the slit iris, and the white eye, but I would suggest making the iris a lot larger to fill the visible part of the eye in your model.

I tried that, but it’s not showing up. The cornea just comes up black.

Are your normals facing the right way? Also if your using yafray, I’ve heard you need to set the alpha to 0, try that, and possible show us your setting to see if we can fig out why it’s doing that.


Well it’s not working right because you did not construct it correctly, at least it doesn’t look that way to me. Cat’s cornias do not stick that far out of the eye. The iris is what is slit, not the cornia, if anything the cornia would be almost double the size, to fit most of the visible eye when in place in the face. I’m going to see if I can make one like I’m talking about before I try and tell you any more crits though :slight_smile: so I know what I’m talking about.

Ok, messed around and this is what I came up with, I see why you had trouble following that tutorial, they really do not give you all you need to know.

Here’s a link to my file, so you can see what I did if your interested, or wish to use it: link

Hm, what causes the horrid render times?

probably the transparent cornia, but it only took me a about a minute to render.


Looks great! Thanks.

:slight_smile: looks good, so lets see some texture and furr on this thing!

I’m a bit confused on how I’m going to do body. It’s very undetailed, and when I try to detail it, it looks horrid.


Check out some of the tutorials on how to make a human figure if you want to give it a humanoid look, though, if this is to be a mutant cat I’d give it a quadrapedal look. The abs that you’ve given it make it look odd. Check out the work in progress on the lion, that’s got a great! cat form, perhaps you could get some direction from that! =) And it still looks like your only modeling fromt he front view as your entire body is only a single cube wide, a body is not wide and thin like you have it. With a little effort I know you can make this look cool, keep at it, don’t give up!! 8)

I’m going to go with the human look, I just can’t imagine him with an actual cat body =P

In my head I’m picturing him kinda like a garoyle. All sort of muscular but not neccesarily human.