Organic Paint Blobs.

I’m wanting to do a scene with a close up of oil paints and brushes and such but I’m wondering if there isn’t an easier better way to make the paint blobs than making a super high poly icosphere and sculpting it. I want this to be photo real, so they will need creases and a portion of the paint to be smeared onto the pallet in a short streak.

Something like this, but I will be making like 25 of them in a square grid. Can this be done without making them high poly?

You could use subsurf modifier for the main shape, and then maybe use a bump texture to get the small details.

That’s a really good idea. I like to keep the majority of the rendering on the gpu and I think when you have tons of geometry it forces the cpu to render, or at least that’s how I understand it. What about the streaks coming from the blobs? Think I should use geometry or a texture on the pallet? I worry that the texture on the pallet won’t mesh well with the blobs, as I would like to add bump to that. I don’t know how seamless that would look with those blobs.

You could create a mask for the palette material to separate it into a wood material and a color material. That way you could assign the same material for the mesh and the color smears on the palette. Should weld together (optically) pretty well :slight_smile:

many ways to do that
you could use the meatball and shape it too
or use lattice to modify Uvsphere

have fun with blobs

happy bl