Organic panic

Hello everyone, this is my entry for the Renner prize 2019. The prize is an illustration contest and, from the moment that the results are public, i’ve decided to share here my work.

The theme of the prize was an interpretation of the red color and, from this starting point, i imagined a kind of organic sculpture representing some meat locked and trapped by the technology. The illustration is a metaphor of the actual human condition in which technolgy is enslaving people.

I don’t know if this is this is the correct vision or just a pessimistic point of view but, in the last years, i really feel this sensation.

Talking about the technical part, the workflow was modeling in Blender, painting in Substance and rendering in Blender with EEVEE.

I hope you enjoy this work as i enjoyed the process of making it!

Comments and critiques are really welcome.


Cool! Very dynamic scene! :open_mouth:

Thanks mate!

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