Organic Shape needs Fast Retopo

okay, i have this bow grip; it was modeled in 3d coat. and its topology sucks. if you see all the edges selected… well, that’s the one continuous edge i got when i alt-r-clicked that highlighted edge, there.

i don’t know a lot of advanced techniques, but i’ve been playing with bsurfaces and looptools.

i know that grease pencil can draw on a surface, and that bsurface can create a skin on grease pencil cross sections. what i don’t know… is how to draw with the grease pencil and get all the way around (actually halfway around, because mirroring is fine) the model to create cross sections.

i thought i could just draw… quarter cross sections from the side, then maybe the top and bsurf those, then th bottom… and then join all the pieces. but when i make the bsurf on top of the mesh, it sorta melds into the mesh and won’t separate out. plus, the sides aren’t following the surface of the mesh very accurately.

the other thing i tried… was to grab a few semi-decent cross sections (not the one pictured! : X), duplicate them, and use the looptools loft. but that came out really chunky and dorky and… ugly. and i didn’t know how to close the top.

i dunno what i’m doing. maybe too much at once? maybe i should work in smaller sections? maybe there’s a WHOLE lot better/faster way to actually do this?

help me; blender makes me cry : (


Nobody will help, if you don’t post the file.
Although it looks fine at first sight… you just have poles playing you around :wink:

You know you could have a better retopo directly in 3dcoat ?
It seems as if you have just hit “autoretopo” letting the algorithm decide on his own. You should help it with curves. Your best bet to get help imho, is to ask directly on 3dcoat forum.