Organic tears / structural damage on buildings.


I’m newish to 3d modeling (1 week). I did the Blender: Noob to Pro tutorials up to about page 300 and watched some videos from, and I think I’m making good progress.

Right now I’m trying to model parts of a ruined town. Specifically, I want to portray buildings that have suffered serious structural damage, but not enough to bring them down. Try to imagine that a giant ripped a huge hunk out of the corner of a building and you’ll have a good idea what I’m trying to do. You could also google image search for “fallout 3 buildings,” which will give you some of the reference photos I’m using.

Right now, my technique is to use the knife tool to cut out non-linear faces, then intrude them into the structure, then cut a second ring of verts and transform it until it looks like battle damage.

Is there a better way? If not, is there a way to shorten up this process, possibly by saving my pattern into a knife “stamp”? Is there just a “hit this face with a giant rock” button? Physics?

That aside, I’m REALLY enjoying 3d modeling. I look forward to becoming part of the community!


Well for the structural damage, if it’s for large chunks missing out of concrete you could try using the cell fracture addon. Then delete a few of the chunks and that’d look pretty much like something’s smashed into it. If you’ve never used the cell fracture I’ve got a video going through it if it’s at all helpful :slight_smile:

Looks awesome! Unfortunately, it seems like I have to fracture the entire mesh, rather than just one face. Is there a way to do a smaller fracture?

Well you could add loop cuts and chop out the corner you want to demolish, or use the grease pencil to draw on where you want the splits. I think I show that feature in the second part, basically you can draw the centres of the chunks, and it will shatter around them.

you could of course shatter the object with a margin of 0 select all the model that you dont want to be shattered and press ctrl j to join the pieces int one mesh then delete the chunks that are supposed to be missing